Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Too much Fabric?

I always thought one can't have enough fabric but I think I have changed my opinion. After having a sewing room plus a crafts room in Shanghai I had to squeeze everything into one room, and not a very big one at that. But I am finally finished and I'm quite pleased with the result. My fabrics are organized by size and colour as well as themes and this is how it looks now:

Mind you, that's not all I have. There are several more plastic containers stored under various beds. I really have to start making lot of quilts, otherwise I can never buy new fabrics (and how sad would that be?).

So I had finally some time to be creative and I made this glass topped box. I love box making as it satisfying to finish something in a day or two (and not to add to the ever growing number of UFOs).

Till next time, take care.