Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Christmas came early this year!

Actually it was meant to be my last year's Christmas gift from my dear husband, but it doesn't really matter, as I promised I wouldn't need another birthday or Christmas present for many years to come. Good thing he has a short memory span when it comes to things like this. Anyway, last Saturday my new Bernina 820 was finally delivered, set up and explained to me. This has been my bed time reading for the last couple of evenings:

The 820 can do quite a number of new "tricks" my 440 couldn't do like automatically thread the needle, cut both threads at the push of a button (just to name a few) and of course I love the much bigger working space.

What a perfect excuse to start a new project, don't you think?

If it turns out the way I picture it in my head I will use it as my contribution for this:

Please excuse me now, I have to get back to my new toy ;). Enjoy the rest of your week.