Thursday, 19 November 2015

Missing in action!

My poor blog has been totally neglected these past few month. To say that this is a year of emotional ups and downs is definitely an understatement. Just when I started to find my feet again - after moving back to Switzerland after almost 30 years abroad -  mum passed away in August. As you might remember, she was suffering from dementia and we were aware that she had gone downhill quite a bit in the last couple of month. But it was still unexpected and a shock when the nursing staff rang to tell us that they think she's nearing the end, just when we were away for a few days in Denmark. I'm sad but also relieved that she's at peace now.

Mum was born on a farm and I think she stayed a farm girl at heart all her life. She was happiest with her hands in the soil tending her veggie garden (which she kept well into her eighties) or up a tree picking cherries. Mum had a quiet but steadfast faith which carried her through life's challenges and tribulation. She had a happy nature and she never took herself too seriously. It was sad to see her personality diminished by her dementia although once in a while her feisty nature would still come through. I'm so grateful that she still recognised us and  I'm even more grateful that we came back when we did so we could spend a bit more time with her.

At the end of August we spent a few days in Milan, Italy when we drove our daughter there to start her new job. After our return it was time for my husband to go "under the knife" as he needed a knee replacement! A combination of injuries in his younger days when he played basketball, a recently broken knee cap which didn't heal properly and probably dodgy genes made it necessary. He's now well on the way to recovery which means that I no longer have to do a all the fetching and carrying. He can even drive himself to his therapy sessions every other day.

And a milestone birthday has come and gone! According to my kids, I'm over the hill now, but let's just say that if I were a chicken, it wouldn't be Springtime anymore ;)! As I could not think of anything I wanted for my birthday I went a little crazy on the Internet and ordered myself a "bit of fabric" and a few book. I think it's safe to say that the fabric diet is well and truly over.

My son ordered me this lovely batiks bundle from a quilt shop in Switzerland (I had no idea)

and my daughter got me these wonderful Terra Australis by Emma  Jean Jansen (she asked what I wanted and I steered her in the right direction)

These lovely books I order with an Amazon gift card I got from my gorgeous friend Kate in Singapore

and this stunning Kaffe Fasset tin, filled with lovely toiletries as well as this little quilt kit arrived from another Singapore friend, who has in the meantime also relocated, back to Scotland.

Thanks Kate and Martina, I miss you both lots especially our quilting Fridays. I've been properly spoiled and I hope with all these goodies to play with my sewing mojo will at long last make a reappearance!

We've been enjoying an exceptional beautiful and warm Autumn this year. Fall is the season I always missed most in the tropics. This is the view from our balcony again.

And a few more Autumn impressions. 

With Christmas looming on the horizon, I've started with some preparations and baking. I've tried a new cookie recipe this year which I found on Pinterest and I can warmly recommend it. I have to make another batch as the first one has disappeared already. You'll find the recipe for these delicious Cranberry Pistachio Shortbreads here.

So there you have it, my last three month in a nut shell. 

Vreni xx