Friday, 21 June 2013

Checking in

I have made myself scarce here, it seems. But I have been busy, just nothing finished to show, except for two more friendship blocks for friends who are leaving our group and Singapore soon. 

I've also sandwiched my bloom quilt and have started to quilt it. For the time being I'm just quilting the small squares. 

I'm also in the middle of raw edge appliqueing (is that a word?) my fish quilt. Here's a little "teaser".

Other that that, we've  been to a quick visit to Beijing to see DD. It was lovely to be with her and meet her colleagues and friends. We got to visit her classroom. How strange to see her as a competent teacher where as in my heart she is still a second grader herself ;)!!! Here they are practicing a song for their end of year concert. 

Unfortunately the weather was terrible and it rained cats and dogs most of the time we were there. The pollution was quite bad as well but nothing compared with what we found upon our return to Singapore. And it's become increasingly worst as this week went on. It's the same story every year - although this time is by far the worst - as the farmers in Indonesia clear large areas of forest by setting deliberate slash-and-burn fires, sending clouds of smoke into the atmosphere. 
click image for source

from my window this morning

For now I'm keeping my head down and out of the haze as much as possible, even though it seeps through the closed windows and through the AC and everything starts to smell like it's been in a smoke house.

Oh well, what to do lah (that's a Singaporean saying by the way)!
Vreni x         
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Coup de foudre

or in plain English; it was love at first sight! It was when I saw this quilt and then it kept on popping up here and in variations here and here. My mind was made up! I had to make my own. And I had to copy the "original" exactly (or as much as possible). That's not not something I normally do as I usually like to put my own spin on things. But not this time. It's the perfect quilt for those fabrics you have problems cutting into.

 Big Blooms

I have pieced it by hand, usually during quilt group time. As I haven't done much hand piecing, it's been a bit of a learning curve. But at least I can say now that I've pieced a whole quilt by hand.

Now on to quilting. Since I've hand pieced it, this quilt deserves to be hand quilted as well and I'm thinking perle cotton. I'm going to get on with it right away. I don't want  this one to end up on the pile of tops waiting for ever to be quilter.
Vreni x

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