Saturday 26 February 2011


Once in a while I like to make quilts that way. I just start somewhere and see where it takes me. I've made this quilt top for this cause. I've decided to have it machine quilted by a new local longarm quilter. I thought I would call it "Finding Order in Chaos" (as it does look a bit chaotic).

And this is what I made with the "leftovers"

If you remember, I took part in the Another Little Quilt Swap 5. This little quilt arrived this week and by chance it was made by my good (blog) friend Jess in Australia. I love the colour combination - blue and brown - gorgeous. From all the lovely quilts made for the exchange, this was my absolute favorite one. Aren't I lucky!

Jess also made this little needle envelope for me (I've admired it a while ago on her blog) and she put in an extra piece of fabric. Thanks so much Jess.

My offering has arrived at its destination as well, see here. By the way; I won first place with it at the Weekly Themed Quilt Contest.  Thanks for your votes!

Other than that; I went to see "The King's Speech" yesterday and loved it. Oh yes, we also had our 30th wedding anniversary this week (of course I was a child bride, I kid you not ;), and this February marks 25 years since we left Switzerland. Our daughter was just one year old when we moved to Australia and as you can imagine, the grandparents weren't best pleased. During our years in Australia our son was born (yes, he's the Aussie in our family) and from there we moved to Taiwan, then Indonesia, then back to Taiwan, to Singapore, to Shanghai in China and a year ago we moved back to Singapore. I often wonder how our lives would have turned out if we'd stayed at home. The kids wouldn't be speaking  Swiss German with an American accent but most probably English with a Swiss German accent ;). On the other hand they would also speak French and maybe Italian instead of  Chinese.  But non of us would want to change a thing and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in so many different cultures.

That's it for today.


Saturday 12 February 2011

Comings and Goings

Singapore Post has had a busy day yesterday! First it had to deliver a package to my doorstep with all these wonderful goodies inside.
It's from retro mummy in Sydney. She held an auction a couple of weeks ago for the Queensland Flood Appeal and I was the winner.... yay....! Corrie was so kind to put in an additional piece of fabric. Wouldn't this be perfect to make a little sewing box with?
Then there's this package with my little offering for "Another Little Quilt Swap 5" which is on its way to..... no, I'm not telling yet. But I can tell you that the name of the quilt is "My Valentine Tree". I thought it quite fitting as Valentine's day is coming up very soon.


Incidentally, I've also admitted this quilt  to the Weekly Themed Quilt Contest as this week's theme is Valentine's Day. Go over there and take a look.

Have a great weekend.