Saturday, 31 December 2016

Makes of 2016

Looking at what I've made during 2016 brings to mind that everything is relative. Compared with lots or you prolific quilter and sewers out there it might look quite measly,  but considering that last year I produced practically nothing, I'm rather pleased with myself!

I also set myself a couple of goals at the end of last year. Let's take a look at what they were and how I did. In 2016 I wanted:
1. be a better blogger!!
2. finish some UFOs, in particular The Aunt's Quilt
3. make a big effort to find a quilt group as I found that I really need the inspiration of other quilters to keep me going.

I've done well with 2 and 3 as I did indeed finish The Aunts' Quilt (top) and I found a quilt group. I've been extremely lucky that two of my friends from Singapore have recently moved to Basel and we've started to meet on a regular basis. In the meantime another lady has also joined us which is fantastic. Of course we are hoping that we can recruit a few more, but I'm not complaining. I just love the camaraderie, the inspiration and of course the shared laughs.  Regarding becoming a better blogger; well I still have to work on that, but there's always next year, right?

We have been in Singapore over Christmas, enjoying all the familiar sights and sounds and of course the food and seeing old friends! Now we are in Bali for a month, trying to find out if the Bali life style suits us, at least part time. The jury is still out ;)!

Sun set over the rice fields from our villa yesterday evening.

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and most importantly a content 2017!
Vreni xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The good news is....

..... I've finally finished my The Aunts' Quilt-top! I've decided to take it with me to Singapore and have it hand quilted in the Philippines. I will show you the finished quilt when I get it back but here's a little sneak peek.

I've also made a few small Christmas gifts:

A couple of embroidered ornaments. The one with the santa was a kit I bought a while ago from here and the Christmas tree is a free download you can find here.

This stocking is for a friend filled with goodies for the 6th of December, which is Santa Clause day in Switzerland. Santa brings sweets, nuts and small gifts for children on that day! I found the free pattern here via Pinterest.

I've also started making Christmas cookies. You can find some of my favorit recipes here. Now it's back to writing Christmas cards. I've given myself a deadline and hope that I'll be able to post them all by the end of this week in order to make sure, they'll arrive in time.

I hope you are enjoying the season.
Vreni x