Saturday, 30 November 2013

Hasenbach Challenge

My Winter quilt I sewed as part of the Hasenbach challenge is finished. I encounter a small problem when I sprayed the quilt with water to remove the marking pen lines and the red sashing started to bleed all over the quilt. I bundled  the quilt, without the binding, into the washing machine with a couple of color catches and I was relieved to see that it came out perfect. Pew!!!!

Click here to see more finished quilts, tops and new blocks.

Have a happy weekend.
Vreni xx

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Felting Workshop

It's always interesting to try something new. This week I had the opportunity to try my hand on felting. Actually, it started a couple of weeks ago, when we made the actual felt as well as the little felt balls and yesterday we used them to make this Santa. Not as easy as I thought and quite time consuming . Everything is sewn by hand and the trims on Santa's coat are needle felted as well as the beard. The material is pure merino wool, very soft and lovely to work with.

 It starts to look like Christmas!
Vreni x

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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Finally, some Christmas crafting!

In case you've been wondering what I've been up to these last couple of weeks, I will tell you. I've made some Christmas ornaments, stitched in felt and then put into small (3 or 4 inch) embroidery hoops.

This one is for mum as I tried to copy her childhood home. 

I hope she can see what it's meant to be. My husband and my son recognised it instantly, so that was a relief ;)!

I wanted to make some more, but unfortunately the shop I got the little hoops from had run out of stock and if I order them over the Internet, the chances are that it's too late by the time they arrive. Oh well, something to plan for next year. 

As I had the felt out, I've made this miniature pin cushion, which has been on my to do list ever I've seen it here, 

 Isn't it cute? I'm going to make a whole lot more of them. 

A small selection of the Christmas cards I've made so far.

I love making the "10-minutes table runners" although they take me a fair bit longer than 10 minutes. 
 Christmas box to give away Christmas cookies. 
A tea box for a friend,
I still need to buy the tea bags to go inside

and last but not least, my seventh Camelot block. Silly my, I've put the middle part together the wrong way, but at the moment, I can't be bothered to take it apart. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.
Vreni x

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