Saturday 9 March 2013

My very own Scrappy Trip Along quilt is finished!

 I'm not usually one for making elaborate backs, but as I initially was planning to make the quilt bigger I had all these cut strips and it would have been a shame not to use them. 
As you can see on this close up, I quilted it with a wavy stitch line diagonally both ways. So easy and fast to do. If you ever need to finish a quilt in a hurry I recommend that you try this. So much easier than stitch in the ditch or any other straight stitch. And I think it's looking quite good!

Now I just hope that my aunt will like it. I'm always a bit insecure when it comes to gifting quilts. Although I like it, it doesn't necessarily mean that someone else does too. Keep you fingers crossed, will you?

Vreni x