Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Christmas Makes

As every year I've made a few Christmas gifts and Christmas ornaments. A friend of mine has recently retired and wants to start to embroider so I made her this box and filled it with some essentials.

Then I made these patchwork note book covers

A couple of bird ornaments 

Then I made a couple of folders with papers I bought in China. The first is a very typical Chines pattern

and here are some Shanghai ladies from the twenties. I hope my friends from my Asia time will enjoy them. 

 A Christmas pillow. I used two tea towels from my mum's bottom drawer, which she lovingly embroidered with her initials but then never used. The applique is done in felt. 

 This pillow gave me the ideas for this year's Christmas cards. Luckily I started early as I had to make about 80 of them. 

Let's look at those babies a bit closer. I really enjoyed drawing them and I must say they got better and better the more I practiced

and then I couldn't stop and made a few tags too. 

And of course the obligatory Christmas cookies.

and ready to be given away. 

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and light and a fantastic New Year.

Vreni xx