Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yesterday I hosted the quilt group and I made these little Easter treats for them.

Although we were a very small group this week, due to the Easter holidays, we had fun as always and talked "quilt" as well as exchanged tips for apps for our iPhone and even managed to make a few stitches. I also had them help me choose a background fabric for my hexagons. Should it be the small blue or the bigger red spots?

The consensus was definitely to go with the the white and red spotted fabric. I was leaning toward that one as well, but it's always good to get a second opinion.

I finally have made a bit of progress with my Joseph's Coat quilt. I have decided to do it a bit differently and also a bit smaller than the original. I don't know why but it seem I can never follow instructions exactly, be it when cooking, quilting or anything else. Oh well, I just hope it won't back fire on me ;)....

Happy Easter



Candy said...

Your Easter treats look great! I agree with the white and red background for your hexagons. I love the fabrics for your Joseph's Coat. I have a lot of my petals prepared but still have not sewed any on because I am not sure about my background.

MaksiTaksi said...

I love your hexagons. I make mine form scraps, have to take pictures form that.
Love your blog so I became your follower.

Big hug and take care,

Clare Wassermann said...

I've really enjoyed your blog. I love to read about quilters round the world

Joanna said...

I am doing the Joseph's Coat quilt too, but just like you I made it smaller and changed the way it's done! Great minds think alike ;)