Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Silk Marathon

Last week our sewing group had a two day sewing marathon. The week previously we went to Arab Street (that's where a lot of silk is being sold) to choose the fabrics. It was quite a palaver until we could agree on a colour scheme. We needed to get three fabrics each of three different colours for the blocks as well fabrics for the sashing and borders. As the silks fray badly we had to back them first with interfacing before starting to cut them up into rectangles.

The rectangles had to be stacked, cut and shuffled before they were sewn back together into blocks.

This is how far I got. I have all the blocks made, now I have to sew them into strips and then decide on the sashing. It's looking good so far (I think!).

This is how the quilts should turn out. One of the ladies has already made one previously. Isn't it beautiful?

I won't be doing much sewing over the next week as a friend is arriving later today. Yay.... can't wait to show her around and doing all the touristy things.



Rita said...

SAli Vreni
Der QUilt wird suuuper!! Die Farbkobi finde ich auch so schön und bin nun natürlich auf das Resultat gespannt!!
Meiner Schwe gefällt Boston sehr gut und heute fängt sie da an der Uni an zu arbeiten;))
Liebi Grüessli, Rita

Jessica said...

Hi Vreni, I think your quilt will look great, I love the colours. Have fun with your friend!

Mrs. 5C said...


Lynda said...

Wow! the silk fabrics are beautiful. I have never made a silk quilt. Can't wait to see your finished project. Have a great time with your friend this week.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun! Those fabrics are beautiful -- and I'll bet the quilt will be nice and soft. Are you anywhere near Murren? I love it there. Don't tell me. I might have to come and live with you LOL!

meli B said...

Love your colours

Shirley said...

Your quilt will have a wonderful sheen to it with that beautiful silk. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. The hexagons are 1" and so far I have used half a metre. There are a few more possibilities yet to explore before I either run out of fabric or ideas.

Gisele said...

This silk quilt is going to look fabulous Vreni, I love the design & choice of colours.

Rita said...

Sali Vreni!
Lieben Dank für Deinen Kommentar!!;))Ein Römö ist ein Rock, einer bestimmten Designerlinie, der bei Farbenmix.de erhältlich ist. Eigentlich einfache Schnitte, die nach Lust und Laune verändert werden können;))
Wie geht's bei Euch so?? Bei uns eine Bruthitze und ein Unwetter nach dem anderen:((

Liebi Grüessli, Rita;)

Cath said...

Vreni, Thanks for dropping by my new blog this week. I planned on uploading more posts this week but had two sick little girls who demanded more of my time than usual! I'll drop by again soon. Cath
P.S. Love the quilt - it looks absolutely amazing!