Friday, 19 October 2012

It's been a busy week!

On Tuesday we had our annual Singapore Quilter's Lunch. Instead of the traditional Quilt Challenge, this year we had a quilt show of our favorite quilts. And when I say quilt show, it is probably stretching it a bit as it was a very low key affair.

Here are some of my favorites:

The lady who made this lantern quilt said she based it on my Chinese Lantern quilt I made for last year's challenge. It made my day!

 My friend Jeanette's stunning Christmas Tree Skirt. Look at those details. 

This quilt  is made by my friend Anne. She designed it and it is the same as the friendship quilt my Thursday group made for me when I left Singapore the first time. 

And this is mine. I wasn't able to take a complete photo as it was hanging in a narrow gangway.

Lovely Autumn colours.

 I also love this Japanese quilt. It was once featured as a BOM in a Japanese magazine and I've collected all the patterns as well as the fabrics to go with. One of these days I'll get to it!

And here is the same quilt but in a different setting. 

This was probably my favorite of all the quilts. Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it credit. 

So not much time for sewing, but I managed to make the last block for the Blogger's BOM designed by Sarah Fielke. Although it was a bit fiddly, it's definitely my favorite block. 

I've now made 12 blocks and together with the four small panels I've got 16 blocks, perfect for a baby quilt. I don't know yet how I'm going to put it together. 

I'm off on Sunday to first Nepal and then on to India. It will be my first visit to both these countries and I hope I will have some  interesting pictures to share when I get back.

In the meantime, happy quilting.
Vreni x


Rossana said...

Beautiful parade!Really special and particular quilts!
And I wish you Good Holiday in Nepal and India! Have lot of fun!

Jessica said...

Some beauties there!
Have a great trip!

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts. I love the Singapore quilt with the Palm trees - the tiny birdcage on it reminds me of one I purchased in China. Have a wonderful trip.

Martina said...

So schöne Quilts! Und deiner gefällt mir auch sehr. Wünsch dir eine gute Zeit auf Reisen und viele tolle Eindrücke und Begegnugen.
LG Martina

Donna~~ said...

Thanks for sharing all the lovely quilts! Your BOM blocks are great! The panels are a perfect addition, like they were made to order! Have fun in Nepal and India--so exotic sounding!

Linda said...

What gorgeous quilts! Yours is just perfect, of course!!! It's wonderful that you've found others to share a love of quilting with!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilts. Love that gecko. Thanks! Have a great trip!

Shirley said...

What a beatiful show and tell vreni and such talented people. Your red, white and blue blocks look stunning as I knew they would be. Can't wait to see what catches your eyes in India and Nepal.

expat quilter returns home said...

It is always nice to see other quilts, you don't need a big show.
Love the baby quilt plan.

Have a safe trip, love, Rose-Anne

Hilde said...

Wow, what a talent there is in Singapore! You know which one is my favorite! ;)

FarahLin said...

wow...beautiful quilts all around, Vreni! Your Baltimore Album quilt looks gorgeous - such fine work! Thanks for sharing.

Your BOM blocks looks lovely and can't wait to see the finished top.

Have a safe and pleasant trip! =)

Julierose said...

Hello Vreni--I just popped in from "Happy Appliquer"'s blog--I really love your strip lantern--astounding work!! Glad I visited...Julierose

Marg said...

Wow you have some talented quilters in your group. Love the gecko (chit chat) quilt.
Have a fab time on your trip.

SewWhatsNew said...

Great quilts. I love your pictures. Do you know the name of the magazines that had the Japanese taupe quilt BOM? I would love to make this quilt with some of the taupe fabrics that I bought in Singapore on a visit there. Talk about coincidence. Thanks.

Lynda said...

Beautiful quilts! Have a fun and safe time.

Rita said...

Sali Vreni
Diese QUiltausstellung muss wunderschön gewesen sein! Deine Freundinnen sind aber alle auch grosse Künstlerinnen!
Wie geht es Dir? Bei uns ist der Herbst nun voll da, neblige Tage, dann wieder Sonnenschein;)
Wünsch Dir ein schönes Wochenende!
Liebs Grüessli, Rita

meli B said...

Love your Blogger's BOM. It will look great altogether.
For a low key Quilt Show, there were some pretty stunning entries. The Christmas Tree skirt was wild!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Gorgeous quilts Vreni! I won't have time to sew today, but got my quilting fix for the day, thank you! I'm not sure if I could make up my mind and tell which one is my favorite :) Your applique quilt looks amazing! I'd love to have your skills and to be able to make one like yours :)

donkey and the carrot said...

My dear Vreni how are you? These quilts are so lovely!!! I always ALWAYS prefer yours!!! Are you on your way to Nepal? oh my!

Gulsen said...

Dear Vreni, Whenever I get a chance to have a look at your blog, I am always in admiration of your quilts. Loves,