Friday, 18 October 2013

Lacking inspiration

Usually, at this time of the year I'm already "knee deep" in Christmas crafting and sewing. This year it seem inspiration is eluding me, although I've been looking through books, magazines and trawling the Internet and in particular Pinterest. Nothing really takes my fancy.

So instead I've been rearranging my fabric stash. And not just rearranging, no I've folded each piece of fabric (only those bigger than 1/2 yard/meter) over Comic Backing boards as they are just the perfect size. Now they look like mini bolts and are so much easier to see and take out. I've bought 1'000 pieces of boards and so far I've used up 500. I can't believe how much fabric I've got. It really was a bit of a wake up call to STOP buying fabric!!!

This is how far I got when I ran out of steam. I still have to do the lowest shelf (mostly Japanese fabrics), not to mention all the fabrics I've stowed away in various other places. I will leave my fat quarters for the moment as they are more or less organized in my sock drawers. Here's just a small selection. Doesn't it look nice? Sometimes I catch myself not wanting to use these fabrics, as then it wouldn't looks so nice anymore. Go figure!!!

My big pieces of fabric (more than 3 yards/meters) for borders and backings I will probably fold over some longer card board pieces which I will cut myself, like I did for my linens (see middle shelf).

I also did a little bit of sewing. Here's my sixth Camelot block.

And here they are all together. I haven't decided on a background yet, but somehow I quite like the Aubergine which is actually my foot stool on the balcony. Well, I have time to decide on that as I have 10 more blocks to make first.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Vreni xx

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Cattinka said...

Hallo Vreni,
Du hast wunderschöne Stoffe und alles so schön sortiert.
Und die runden Blöcke gefallen mir sehr gut!

Julimond said...

Liebe Vreni
soviel Stoff und so schön und akkurat sortiert. Das sieht ja richtig nach einem "Patchworkladen" aus.
Ich glaube dir gerne, das es schwerfällt, die Stoffe zu zerschneiden.
Deine Camelot Blöcke sind toll. Das wird bestimmt ein klasse Quilt.

Ich drück dich mal und danke dir für deine Besuche bei mir.


Mdm Samm said...

You are brilliant do you know that You fill my heart with smiles.....thank you !

Julierose said...

Well, your stash certainly looks lovely and easy to find fabrics. I think your Camelot blocks are turning out so lovely, too...hugs, Julierose

littlelixie said...

I like the aubergine too.

Donna~~ said...

Your Camelot blocks are great--they look so nice together!

conny's quilts said...

Wow, great stash of fabrics you have there. Mjummie! You must be glad that it is all so neat in place again, well done!Lovely blocks you made.

Hilde said...

Maybe you didn't have inspiration but clearing your cabinet and rearrange it all is certainly clearing your mind as well. And see, dreaming about what colour to use for the beautiful camelot blocks to bring them all together...
Btw: great way to sort your fabrics!!


meli B said...

Xmas stitching doesn't have to be xmas themed. Whatever you make will be totally loved and not just put away after December. Love the shelving. It does look almost too good to cut into.

Marg said...

All your Camelot blocks are stunning and they do look lovely on the aubergine.
I'd like to get some comic boards but so far haven'd found anywhere that ships to Australia.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

You have an awesome stash Vreni! The Camelot blocks are just beautiful!

FlourishingPalms said...

Love how your shelves look organized, but I can't bring myself to spend money on those comic boards, when it would be better-served to buy more fabric! However, my stash cabinet is now stuffed and there's a neatly folded pile on the floor, outside the cabinet. What's a quilter to do!? Your circle blocks are looking lovely.

Anonymous said...

So schön aufgeräumt und so vielseitige Auswahl!
Die Camelot-Blöcke sind ja ein Augenschmaus. Ich finde die total klasse, so was käme für mich auch mal in Frage. Vielleicht im neuen Jahr mal.
Viele Grüße

Wendy said...

oh wow, your stash cupboard is amazing! I'm so jealous... love the Camelot blocks too.

Thimbleanna said...

I feel like you -- somewhat unsettled -- what to work on next? I blame it on WAY too many options out there and I'm on overload. Sure makes it hard to make a decision. Love LOVE your camelot blocks. And your folding sure looks nice and neat. I love folding my fabrics -- makes it so much easier to find stuff when I want it!

Shirley said...

That is quite a stash you have there Vreni and it now looks so neat and tidy. The Camelot blocks are looking fabulous.

Sue said...

I so love these Camelot blocks! I think I will have to break down and order the patterns. BTW, need help up here with sorting out fabric!! I am green with envy!!