Sunday, 16 March 2014

My crafty week in pictures

I have enjoyed a lot of sewing and crafting time this week. On Monday I finished the "Peak Hour" top. When I say finished, I mean I cut out all the vehicles and ironed them onto the background. Not one stitch has been made at this point.  The next step is to sandwich the quilt and then I will sew through all the layers around each shape a couple of times with a  free motion straight stitch to secure them.

On Tuesday and Thursday I worked on my Camelot blocks. Here are block 12 and 13, only three more to go.

On Wednesday I finished another baby quilt top. I will probably quilt this one first, as the baby has already been born and I'm eager to send it off to the proud new parents. 

And on Friday I got together with my good friend Heather - as we often do on  Fridays - to do a bit of box making. She wanted to show me her way of making a sewing box, something she's been experimenting with lately. You can read about it here. I used my  "Keep Calm" fabric and I'm really pleased how the box came together. 

To close the box tightly, I used a piece of elastic cord and two buttons, so nothing will fall out while transporting it to and from the quilt group/class.

There's a little cutting mat hidden in the lid as well as a piece of sand paper (which is very useful when drawing on fabric around templates). Then there are different compartments, one with a lid,  for all the sewing utensils. Clever, n'est-ce pas?

Of course the fabric lends itself perfectly for a small pin cushion and I also made a teeny tiny "flannel design board".

After all this crafting, the sewing room needed a good clean up, which I did yesterday.

And today I woke to this: rain, glorious rain. It has been so very dry here the last few month that one could almost hear nature sigh with relieve. 

By all accounts, an excellent week. I hope yours was equally great, whatever you did. 

Vreni x


Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Vreni, I'm oohing and aaahing here. First of all that truck quilt will be super cute. I love your Camelot blocks, is that a quilt along? What pattern did you use with the chevrons? It's such agreat idea for a baby! And the sewing box, oh, my! I will have to check out the link for that. Thank you for sharing such eye candy!

Rossana said...

WOW! A really perfect week....for a quilter, of course! Congrats for all your works. I like very much the box and the little pincushion!

Donna~~ said...

Gosh but you've been busy making wonderful things! Your trucks & cars look like fun, and that box is very clever--perfect fabric for it too! Will be fun to see your Camelot blocks together. I love your rainy view--is that your normal view (of the ocean) when you wake--if so I am very jealous--so beautiful to look at!

Sheila said...

Wow. Several wonderful lovelies today! Thank you for sharing.

Hilde said...

Oh, I love that sewing box! I will ask Heather if she minds me making a copy. I bet you have had a lot of fun putting the different fabrics together on the trucks-quilt! I love the colours.

Wendy said...

wow! where do I start? Fab block and baby quilt but I am gobsmacked at the applique - that looks amazing! The sewing box is brilliant!

Marg said...

So much to look at Vreni. The Peak Hour quilt is gorgeous, so bright and cheerful. I love your Camelot blocks, especially the colours in the first one. The baby quilt is full of colour too, and finally your sewing box is wonderful. I love how you incorporated the cutting mat, sandpaper and the matching pin cushion. So glad to see you finally have some rain. I hope there's more to come. We desperately need rain here, our wet season has been non existent this year.

Heather said...

The baby quilt looks so colourful a great design. That certainly was a full week and I love the way you finished off your box.

Jess @ Scrappy n Happy said...

I love the peak hour quilt! I always wanted to make it for one of my boys but have never gotten around to it. Your sewing box is amazing, it contains everything you need...the small design board is a great idea!
Lastly, I love your view!

LintLady said...

Hallo Vreni,
da warst du aber wirklich fleißig! Meinen Glückwunsch zu all den schönen Sachen, die du geschafft hast!
Die "Werkzeugkiste" gefällt mir am besten!
Ich bin richtig neidisch, denn ich kann ja zur Zeit leider "nur" mit der Hand nähen.
LG und weiterhin frohes Schaffen. :o) Doris

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Vreni, you've been busy! Your Peak Hour looks wonderful -- I love the fabrics you selected for the little cars. And your box is beautiful too -- what a great sewing accessory!

Cattinka said...

Oh warst Du kreativ und produktiv! Der Kinderquilt wird super, der gefällt mir jetzt schon!

pandchintz said...

That is such a clever box!! Love your blocks too.

Astrid said...

Gorgeous projects! The car quilt is just too cute! Love the Camelot blocks, great color choices. Great chevron baby quilt and that box is just amazing - love it! I love rain too, especially after days with scorching sun.
Have a great day!

FlourishingPalms said...

What a nice post! Such a great variety of items you've been working on, and I love them all! That Peak Hour is going to be awesome, as is the chevron baby quilt. Is the latter a pattern? I've never seen one made with rectangles, rather than half-square triangles. So neat! Your covered box is charming, especially with that fabric. And it was ingenious to make the little cushion and design board - a very clever piece. Happy that you have rain! Is that your view, from your house? Gosh, that's pretty. Looks like you made good use of at-home crafting time, with a nice view to make it even better.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Vreni,
Du warst ja sehr fleissig! Der "Verkehr" ist ja super! Das wird ein schöner Quilt und auch fürs neue Baby ist was dabei!
Viele Grüße

antique quilter said...

I love this box! wow, perfect fabric for it.
the baby zig zag quilt is great too I am working on a little quilt right now like this :)