Sunday, 20 March 2016


I don't think I'm a particularly patriotic person. Don't get me wrong, I love my country as much as the next person, because it's where my roots are. But I think by living in quite a number of different counties for half of my life I see myself more of a wold citizen. But something I do love is the Swiss Flag. When I saw Camille Roskelley's new quilt pattern "Swiss" I knew I had to make it. It's a very easy pattern and even I could manage it without messing it up too much! And the best part is that I didn't have to buy one piece of fabric for it. It all came from my stash!

Instead of putting this quilt top on the pile of "to be quilted" quilts, I think I might do it right away. My local quilt shop has a Sweet Sixteen sit down quilting machine for hire and I might give it a try.

I quite like how it looks together with my Chinese Lantern quilt. Sort of East meets West!

And here some trivia about the Swiss flag; did you know for example that the Swiss flag is only one of two country flags that are square? The other one is the flag of the Vatican. The simple design is based on the coat of arms of the canton (federal state) Schwyz, which was one of the three founding members of the Swiss confederation in 1291. Yes, that's how old our county is! And did you know that the emblem of the Red Cross is an inversion of the Swiss Flag because the founder of the Red Cross was Henry Dunant, a Swiss business man and social activist. So there you have it.

Until we "meet" again, take care and happy sewing.
Vreni x


Julierose said...

Stunning quilt! I love it next to the Chinese Lantern--you have a lot of lovely reds....hugs, Julierose

barcord said...

I love that wallhanging. And of course the Swiss. You make such beautiful quilty things.

Cattinka said...

Der Quilt mit dem schwyzer Chrüz gehört unbedingt zu Dir! Ich finde ihn sehr schön und könnte glatt schwach werden.

Radka said...

You live and learn! :-)
Well done on your quilt, but I must admit I do like your "Chinese Lantern" even more, so beautiful hanging up.

Patty D from NC said...

The quilt looks wonderful! So fun!

hallwcvj said...

Your quilt is they all are. You are such an inspiration. Please don't ever think we get tired of seeing your quilts. PS--I did know those Swiss flag husband grew up in Switzerland.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Cool info on your flag. Nice quilt, too!

Sue said...

Love the Swiss Quilt! Interesting facts about the Swiss flag, I had no idea about it being square.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Vreni, this quilt is very very attractive and lovely.
So glad that you can use the Sweet 16 at your LQS.
I have to take a class on usage and I can use also the Sw16 at a quilt shop about 35 miles from me.... :-P
I am too busy.
I want my own haha
I love Die Schweitz. My Tante und Onkel live there.
Anyway, yes, the flag is great and I love the history of some flags. Everyone has a flag, go figure :-D
Happy New week Vreni. I hope you are enjoying nice weather. Here we had spring and summer weather but now it feels like winter again haha
Your sewing is perfect. I am so slow.

Lynda said...

Love red and white quilts! Nice that it all came from your stash too. the Lantern quilt is beautiful too.

Hilde Hoogwaerts said...

Where East meets West, old meets new, red and white, all are great contrasts! Great to see you are back to sewing!

Flickenstichlerin said...

Liebe Vreni,
das Top sieht perfekt aus, wunderschöne Stöffchenkombination und sehr interessante Informationen zur Schweizer Flagge.
Liebe Grüßle,

Rose-Anne de Haan said...

I love the Swiss quilt, very fresh and crisp looking.

HeathersSewingRoom said...

Your new quilt looks perfect beside the lantern quilt. I like Kaffe Fassett when he says our stash is our 'painting palette' therefore we need a stash in order to create. Some interesting information about the flag as I never realised it was square. Enjoy your quilting and I hope you enjoy the Sweet Sixteen.

Astrid said...

Your Swiss quilt is beautiful, love the red and white. Well done!

Thimbleanna said...

I just saw this quilt for the first time yesterday and I thought of YOU! I love it -- it's perfect! And Beautiful! And so interesting about your flag -- I had no idea it was square -- I've just always thought it was rectangular like all the others. I didn't quite understand about the Red Cross -- wouldn't in inverted version of your flag still just be the same flag -- since it's all square? Inquiring minds want to know LOL.

CarlaHR said...

Thank you for sharing this gorgeous top, I am going to order the pattern and make one for myself. I am looking forward to seeing how you decide to quilt yours - have fun using the Sweet Sixteen.
My husband and I have a strong Swiss connection, many, many years of long visits - we were actually married there.

Uouo Uo said...
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Katharina said...

Dein rot-weisser Quilt (miis rotwiis- miini Schwiiiiz!)ist wunder-, wunderschön geworden: so strahlend, leuchtend und sauber wie in unserer Vorstellung die Schweiz sein sollte.
Übrigens: vor ca. 3 Wochen habe ich in Trondheim, Norwegen, bei Siw im Quiltegaarden genau diese Vorlage entdeckt.
Natürlich habe ich sie zu meinen Einkäufen gelegt, auch wenn das Ganze einfach zu nähen ist: Die (DEINE) Kombination der Rottöne und ein strahlendes Weiss machen den grossen Unterschied!
Ich freue mich jedesmal, wenn du uns ein neues Werk vorstellst, es ist jedesmal auf eine ganz spezielle Art einzigartig!!!

Shirley said...

Your flag quilt looks great and it sits very nicely with your oriental quilt. Well done.