Friday, 30 June 2017

Another UFO bites the dust!

I'm on a mission to finish some UFOs this year. One of those is the Blogger's BOM, which were offered for free through the Canton Village Quilt Works blog from September 2011 to August 2012! I made all the blocks but then lost interest in this project until now! Most of the fabrics are Westfalen as are the small printed panels which I bought years ago at the Quilt festival in Tokyo.

 I decided to finish it with the quilt as you go method and first quilted all the blocks individually. There are different ways to QAYG and if you google it you'll find lots and lots of tutorials but I used a method I learned in a Crafty class called Quilting big projects on a small machine with Ann Petersen.

The next step involved cutting the connecting strips for the front and the back. 

A detail picture of how it looks from the front, once the blocks are sewn together. 

and from the back. As you can see I sewed the strips down by machine (similar to sewing down a binding) but of course it could also be done by hand, probably resulting in a neater finish. 

The borders are added in a similar fashion but I used the same fabrics for the connecting strips so they won't be quite as obvious. 

The quilt turned out to be 41 inches (105 cm) square, perfect for a baby or kid's quilt. 

 I really enjoyed the quilt as you go process and will definitely try it again.  Now one more UFO can be crossed off my list, but there are lots more where this one came from...ha!

I'm linking up with 17ufosin2017 again. Wow, we are already halfway through the year!

Vreni xx


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Great quilt! Red is my favorite color! I've never done quilt as you go.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Congratulations Vrena on your sweet finish. Love the colour scheme and fabrics and thanks for showing your QAYG process.

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Vreni, this finish is beautiful I love it so much!

Kyle said...

What a great finish! The colors are bright and kid cheerful. It always feels good to cross one more WIP off the list.

Cattinka said...

Ich finde es super dass Du diesen Quilt fertig gemacht hast. UFOs haben wir doch alle zur genüge und es ist sehr lobenswert daran zu arbeiten. Ich glaub ich schließ mich Deiner Mission an, denn ich hab auch noch so einiges zum fertig machen hier.
Das neue, schon in die Jahre gekommene Quilt ist spitze!

liniecat said...

This is delightful and I really like the different quilting you've used. I quite like QAYG too but I have yet to even try and machine quilt anything larger than lap sized!
I hand quilt in case I cant do it on the machine! Am a chicken lol

Lynda Brown said...

Such a cute quilt! I have been wanting to try the quilt as you go method too. I think I might sew it down by hand tho since I can't seem to make a binding look neat when I try sewing it down by machine. Of course, that would take a lot longer!

frayed at the edge said...

Isn't it good when you finish something - it inspires you to tackle the next UFO11 I love the quilt!

Radka said...

It's lovely, well done! :-) I like the fabrics too.
I have never done QAYG, should try it sometimes. I imagine it is easier to handle then a whole quilt. Thank you for showing step by step, I was never sure (never bothered to find out I am sorry to say) how the blocks are joined together when you finish quilting; now I know!

Chookyblue...... said...

looks great I must have a go at quilt as you go one day............

Hilde Hoogwaerts said...

Love to see you work! This method of QAYG is something to keep in mind! XH