Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The "Aunt" is back and other stories

When I say "Aunt" of course I really mean "The Aunt's Quilt". I've finished the top a while ago and I had it hand quilted in the Philippines through a quilt shop in Singapore. As always the quilting is exquisite, something I would never have the patience nor the inclination for. 

Another quilt top which has been laying around has finally been quilted as well. I've free motion quilted it and my new machine has delivered on its promises. I have not one broken thread nor any skipped stitches to report.  In short, it sews like a dream. Hurrah! 

Then there's this little baby quilt I made for a new baby girl. I forgot to take pictures before sending it off to Australia and only have this wonky phone photo.  Once again I found the idea on Pinterest.

I also managed to finish block 3 and 4 for my Scandinavian Christmas quilt. I'm now in the process of making the small blocks to go around although I'm not sure yet how I'm going to put the quilt together.

Recently my husband's cousin celebrated a big birthday and her wish is to go whale watching, so I made her this card

and I also tried my hand on making a small fabric landscape for another birthday card. It needs a bit more work, some more embroidery I think. 

Then there's a tiny bit more progress on the "Ballet avec Kaffe" project. Still not sure if I want to preserver, although I've started a new way of sewing the pieces together and I think I like it much better. The stitches are less visible and it feels more comfortable doing it too. You can find a short demonstration about the process here.

I made a tote bag for a friend

and another friend gave me this little beauty. Thanks Kerry, it's been very useful on our many road trips this summer. 

So that's about what has happened in my sewing room over the last few month. As we helped our daughter move from Milan to Frankfurt over the summer and we've been going back and forth a few times, I didn't touch a needle and thread for weeks on end. But now normal life has once again resumed and hopefully I'll pop in here a bit more often (one can hope)!

Vreni x


LintLady said...

Hallo Vreni,
schön, wieder etwas von dir zu lesen und gleich so viele schöne Projekte präsentiert zu bekommen!
Leben 1.0 geht immer vor und da muß jedes noch so geliebte Hobby schon mal hinten anstehen.
LG, Doris :o)

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

International quilting, for sure. Great quilts and projects. Hope to see you more often.

Lynda said...

For not touching a needle and thread for weeks you certainly have a lot to share! I really love the Scandinavian Christmas quilt. So much handwork. The baby quilt is darling. I made one several years ago that looked like a teddy bear was under the blanket. It was so much fun to make. Looks like you are having fun with your new machine. I have never made the postcards but they look like fun. I have made a few Mug Rugs and I like that they go together quite quickly and I have a finished project ready to send as a gift. Your Ballet avec Kaffe is amazing. I know I will never start a project like that! A friend invited me over and I made some little zipper pouches with her. They are so handy to have. Sure good to see you back and sharing all your projects.

barcord said...

Its lovely to see all your stitching from the summer months. You have been so busy. I bought the Scandinavian Christmas pattern last year at FOQ Birmingham. I haven't started yet, but your blocks have inspired me to have a go soon. What a sweet baby quilt. It will be much loved. Good to hear from you

Sarah said...

Your projects are beautiful, so many finishes considering you have had a busy few months with family! If I had to pick one or two I would have to go for your baby girl quilt it is absolutely darling and I love your Scandinavian Christmas blocks. It ticks all the boxes Christmas, red work ... perfect! But all your work is amazing!

Angela said...

Hi Vreni, so nice to read about your wonderful projects again. I say you did amazing jobs. Bravo. I hope you'll find even more time during the coming autumn and winter. Enjoy the creative journey. Stitchy greetings from Malacca.