Sunday, 21 November 2010

What's up with orange?

It's rather weird but it seems I have a penchant for orange at the moment. Weird because until recently I hardly ever gave that colour a second look.

 It started with this:

Then came this: 

Now I'm working on this:

And in the kitchen this is going on: 

resulting in this

It's a trial run for Christmas and  I found the recipe here.

Speaking of Christmas. There I was at the beginning of last week, secretly congratulating myself on how well I was doing with the preparations; made or bought most gifts, some already sent, some ready to go to the post office, All of the one hundred Christmas card envelopes have been addressed and some of the cards even written, the baking has commenced!

Then a spanner was smartly chucked into my works. It turns out that we have to move house before the end of the year. It's a long story and a treacherous one at that, so I won't bore you with it. We have been frantically looking and it seems we have found a very nice place just next door from where we are now. Instead of  waking up to this view

I'm going to look at this in a couple of weeks. Yes, a couple of weeks!

We better get a wiggle on as the first guest will arrive on the 11th of December, followed by my mum and DS a week later. Sadly, this is going to be our first Christmas where we won't be all together as a family. My DD and her young man have to work and won't be able to join us :(.

I hope your weekend is going well.



SewSofie said...

Wow Vreni. Im loving the orange. Those orange desserts look gorgeous too. Maybe covering them with chocolate will make them appealing (no pun intended) to my eldest.
Not envying your impending move though. Glad its not a long haul move though. Good luck!

Hilde said...

Orange! I knew you like us Cloggies! ;-) While reading your blog I thought, wow, Vreni is so well organized! I am glad you did, so the move will be as smooth as can be.
I love both views! Orange kisses XXX

Jessica said...

I love all your orange things! Orange is not normally a colour I go for either, but with your post I can see the possibilities!
Good luck with your move!

Silvia said...

Lovely works with this lovely colours!!!. What anice nice view where you are going to move!!Take it easy... and when you feel stresed just go for a walk and go back!!. This Crhtistmas season will be different for you, i can understand...This days runs away very quickly..

Helen in Switzerland said...

It's a good thing that you are so organized - imagine the stress if you hadn't been! Your new view looks like it will make it all worthwhile though!
Love the orange!

LintLady said...

Hallo Vreni,
schönes Orange, obwohl ich eher der Blau-Typ bin. KLasse. Und die Orangenschnitze sehen Hmmmm aus. Schick mal welche rüber *g*
Die Aussicht von deinem neuen "zu Hause" ist paradiesisch. Ich hoffe, du hast Gelegenheit in diesem tollen Pool schwimmen zu gehen.
LG Doris

Rita said...

SALi Vreni
Deine Orangene Linie gefällt mir sehr;)) Besonders die kaniderten Orangen!!
Deine Weihnachtsvorereitungen sind ja toll, aber gell, bis die ankommen ist auch schon fast Weihnachten! Für den Umzug wünsch ich Dir alles Gute und viel Glück im neuen Heim!
Und an Weihnachten sind wir auch nie alle zusammen, zugrosse Famile;)
Ganz liebi Grüessli aus der nass/kalten SChwiz, Rita

Und PS; klar hab ich laut werden müssen, als ich das Strickdesaster sah!!;))

Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE love love your Joseph's Coat -- those colors are beautiful! Wow -- a move! I hope it all goes well for you. Sorry you won't have all your family together -- you'll have to console yourself with that beautiful view!

chrisi said...

wunderschön all deine Oranges, und der Ausblick....da beneide ich dich, vor allem wegen des Wetters....und auch diese Stadt...du bist schon weit mit deinen Weihnachtsvorbereitungen lg Chris

donkey and the carrot said...

Vreni good luck with your move. Hope everything goes well. Orange is my second favorite colour. I love the idea of orange slices covered with choco!!!

These views, are from the house you are living and the house you are going to move into????????
i mean.... WHAT A VIEWWWW!!!! I live in a tiny apartment that looks at the neighbour's balcony....:(

Janet said...

With moving looking likely, it's a good thing you're so organised. Both views are to die for. I think orange is the new yellow, I remember when nobody used yellow or limes or orange for that matter. I love the way you're using it very much.

MaksiTaksi said...

Good luck with your move, and I love the orange and I'm also working on the Josephs Coat Quilt A Long. :)

meli B said...

Yum - love orange and eating them too. Nothing like a move to help sort out the junk from the must keep. Good Luck

XUE said...

Gorgeous orangey projects, from the quilts to the candied slices! A move in a couple of weeks!...I can imagine the work involved as we have a similiar moving deadline too, to be in a new city by Christmas.

donkey and the carrot said...


theodora said...

Vreni your orange goodiea are awsome , the quilts are so pretty the one on the ladder is so artsy ,and I love orange and chocolate I have done that in the past ,I used the thick rind of an orange and boiled it with sugar and then when it got candied I dipped it in melted bakers chocolate something like that ,now for the view ,I don't know which one is more spactacular ,you live in a beautifull place ,I was wondering I will use the address that you sent me I will try to get it mailed this week e-mail me if you whant it sent to the new place. ok. xoxo theodora

Lynda said...

Oh Vreni, I don't envy a move at this time of year but sounds like you have it all under control. The view is amazing. Right now my view is a dreary, drizzly, cold, gray day! Good thing I even like those kinds of days!