Sunday, 5 December 2010

The cookies are in the bags!

and on plates

From top, left to right:
 Basler Brunsli (chocolate, spices and almonds)
Biberli (gingerbread with marzipan filling)
Anisbroetli (anise seeds and Kirsch)
Laeckerli (see recipe here)
Mailaenderli (butter and lemon)
Schoggichugele (chocolate and hazelnuts)
If you would like any of the recipes, please let me know and I'll email them to you. 

And I managed to make another one of these for a Christmas gift.

We made them with my sewing group. Don't they look great all together?

Now I'm going to finish "streamlining" my home for the packers tomorrow. Please keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly. I will see you on the "other side".

I hope you are enjoying the Advent.

Take care


Sammy said...

These cookies are delicious, and they taste good too.


-Samya :-)

Vickie said...

Oh how yummy!!!! Your Anisbroetli look like my springerle! I would love to see the recipe!! I love your cookie molds! so pretty!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, they all look so beautiful Vreni! You're so organized. The pincushions all look so pretty too. Good Luck on the move!

Penny said...

Yummy cookies!
Vreni,I see you had your own Hexie Caddy parade going on :) Please add your photos to my parade too!

theodora said...

Wow Vreni you are an excellent baker they look scrumptious ,and the photos look so professional better that a mag.xoxo theodora

meli B said...

If I were to celebrate Christmas, I think I would like to do it with you. You really get into it in a beautiful way.
Love the new header on your blog.

Hilde said...

Oh! Yummy! Lovely! This all goes through my mind when I see your post! Your Christmas quilt is still one of my favorites after all these years!
Good luck with the chaos that will start tomorrow; with Christmas you will be fine again! XXX

Silvia said...

For sure that coockies, they must taste delicious, i have none doubt... And the Christmas gifts are lovely!!.Congratulations to you for this post!!. Thanks Vreni, for sharing with us your recipes , taht for sure must be mmmmmmmmm, delicious!!!

Samelia's Mum said...

They look delicious and your pincushion caddy's are adorable.

Are you moving back to Oz?

Jessica said...

Hi Vreni! The biccies look delish, can you send me the recipe for the ones with the lemon and butter - I love lemon!
I really need to make one of those hexie caddies, yours look great!

chrisi said...

so ungefähr hat es heute auch bei mir ausgesehen, die Hexacongufrchüsi sehen toll aus, sollte ich doch auch mal versuchen zu nähen es grüessli...... es schneit und schneit und schneit, und morn sölls cho rägne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!blib lieber ir Sunne

XUE said...

Impressive cookies, Vreni. Bet they taste as good as they look. Happy moving!

Janet said...

I think you must have done a lot of baking, they all looks so delicious. I love the ones made with the mould. I'm itching to make a hexe pincushion now. I think I'll go cut one out.

Valentina said...

Oh Vreni, this is Cookie-art! I am flabergasted by them... Oh please, share recipes, even if it means I get to live vicariously by reading them through... :)And maybe, who knows, I might just might get a break and bake a few! I love your pincushion/catchall!
You have been busy! They look so fabulous together...
Good luck with the move! I am still addressing envelopes for christmas cards and hoping to finish a few quilts before christmas. Wishing you and your family a beautiful season! So happy to catch up with you, Vreni!

Rita said...

Sali Vreni
Du bist ja suuper! Ich hab noch kein einziges Guetzli gebacken und Deine sehen sooo schön aus!!Ich werd morgen mal was versuchen, mit einer Kollegin zusammen und deren Kids;) Wird wohl am Schluss nur noch wenig Teig da sein...;) Und die Näh-Hexagons sind aber auch soo toll geworden, die Stoffe sind genial!!
Wünsch Dir eine ganz schöne Adventszeit und ganz liebi Grüessli, Rita;)

donkey and the carrot said...

Vreni DID YOU MAKE ALL THESE BISCUITS??? Bravo!!!! And the ''boxes'' are awesome!!! Everything will go fine with your moving...!!! MANY kisses!

Karen said...

I was one of the lucky recipients of those cookie bags and can honestly say that they are very, very, very, yummy!

Thanks Vreni. It's SO good to have you back in Singapore and back with the sewing group.

Happy Moving.